"Beyond the Bubble: Data Driven Design for Connecting Global Audiences"

Schema principal and founder Christian Marc Schmidt's presentation "Beyond the Bubble: Data Driven Design for Connecting Global Audiences", presented October 22, 2020 at The Future of Function global virtual conference, hosted by GlobalSaké and Global:SF. Watch the presentation.

2020 has become a watershed year, not least due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of bringing the world community closer together in the face of a shared global threat, we have become further divided across national, racial and ideological lines. How then, in this era of identity politics, can we leverage diverse and international perspectives to generate new thinking and new solutions? How can we come together to solve the big challenges of our time? This talk will introduce data-driven design as a way to see information from a multitude of perspectives, create an alternative to the constraints of group segmentation, and, in bridging these divides, present a possible way forward.

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