We create content-rich experiences for evolving organizations.

The Schema headquarters in Capitol Hill, Seattle
Schema’s offices in Capitol Hill, Seattle

About Us

Schema is a design firm for the information age. We design for impact, focusing on information platforms that scale and evolve with organizations.

We are experts in the areas of interaction design, visual design, and data visualization, and approach every project from a human-centered perspective. We work across a broad spectrum of media, from web and mobile applications to publications and media installations. Our tools are data and information. Our mission is the creation of knowledge.

Our Process

Our process is collaborative and hands-on. We engage deeply with our clients — innovative startups, progressive cultural and government organizations, as well as corporations who value design. We emphasize dialogue and prototyping as methods for inquiry, discovery and validation.

Our process

Our projects begin by exploring the space and defining the problem (Discovery). The next step is making solutions tangible so they can be evaluated (Prototype/Evaluate), before implementing and testing them (Build).

We believe that design is iterative — an ongoing process of creating and learning. We value ongoing relationships with our clients, where we combine our expertise in the pursuit of knowledge and the best possible outcomes.


Christian Marc Schmidt, Founder/Principal, Schema
Christian Marc Schmidt
Christian’s experience spans the fields of information design, interaction design, and media installation. Prior to founding Schema, Christian was a senior-level designer at Microsoft, an Associate Partner at Pentagram, and an interaction designer at IDEO. Christian holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York, and an MFA from the Yale University School of Art.
Jayme Yen, Creative Director, Schema
Jayme Yen
Creative Director
Jayme’s experience includes publication, exhibition and identity design for arts and cultural nonprofits. Prior to joining Schema, Jayme was the head designer at the Henry Art Gallery, the museum of contemporary art at the University of Washington. Jayme has a BFA in sociology from Yale University and an MFA in design from the Yale University School of Art.
Geoff Gray
Interaction Designer
Geoff is a multidisciplinary designer and developer with a focus on interactive data visualization. Geoff earned his BSD in Visual Communication Design from Arizona State University, his MDes in Interaction Design from the University of Washington, and participated in the Basel School of Design’s Basics in Design and Typography summer program.
Jenna Simmons
Graphic Designer
Jenna aims to create clear visual and interactive systems that communicate information in effective and engaging ways. Jenna received her BFA in Communication Design from the University of Connecticut (UConn), and has experience in branding, art direction, user experience design, illustration, and design research.
Susanna Ng
Software Engineer
Susanna is a passionate software engineer with experience building scalable web and cloud applications. Susanna holds a BS degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington, where she learned data analysis and high performance computing.
Ian Gilman
Software Engineer
Ian has been bringing innovative user interfaces to life for over three decades. He works at the intersection of art, technology, and society. At Schema, he has worked on projects ranging from the Airbus Visitor Experience media installation, the Henry Art Gallery website, a data visualization of corruption in China for the Asia Society, and internal data visualization tools for Amgen.


  • Actively Learn
  • Amgen
  • Airbus
  • Asia Society
  • Bloomberg
  • Citi
  • City of Seattle
  • Cannaroma
  • Design in Public (AIA)
  • Ennead
  • FiftyThree
  • GE
  • Henry Art Gallery
  • Kargo
  • Knoll
  • Maana
  • Microsoft
  • Outkast
  • Priceline
  • Scanadu
  • Twistle
  • University of Washington