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2023 Freedom and Prosperity Indexes: Landing Page

2023 Freedom and Prosperity Indexes

Project Brief

Each year The Atlantic Council's Freedom and Prosperity Center publishes their Freedom and Prosperity Indexes, dedicated to exploring the relationship between freedom and prosperity in both developing and developed nations. Schema partnered with the Center to design and develop a website companion piece to the 2023 published Indexes. Previously, each Index had its own separate website, but Schema suggested folding them into one and incorporating a country/region Comparison view, opening up more opportunities for analysis. Schema also designed unique branding moments using a circle and a diamond shape, representing the Prosperity and Freedom Index respectively. The final site provides refined avenues for exploration and analysis of the interconnections between freedom and prosperity.

Freedom and Prosperity Map: India
Freedom and Prosperity Map: Prosperity only
Freedom and Prosperity Indexes: Compare view
Freedom and Prosperity Map