Helping Students Become Thinking Readers

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Actively Learn E-Reader

Project Brief

Reading is the bedrock of education. However, two-thirds of eighth graders have difficulty understanding what they read. Actively Learn worked with Schema on the design of an e-reading platform to improve students' reading comprehension, enabling teachers to reach students directly by using the text as a platform for personalized instruction, timely feedback, and peer collaboration. Students are motivated by filling in gaps in their background knowledge and through interacting with peers. Teachers are provided with robust data metrics to monitor student progress. Schema collaborated with Actively Learn throughout the platform’s various phases of development, from the initial pilot to the current incarnation. In use by almost half-a-million students at last count, Actively Learn is making an impact in K-12 education across the US and in countries around the world, enabling new interactions between teachers, students, and texts that help develop active, thinking readers in every subject.

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Actively Learn Desktop View 1