Shaping the Future of Flight


The Airbus Experience Center in Washington D.C tells the story of how Airbus is making an impact on the U.S. aerospace and defense industries, through a series of interactive, multimedia exhibitions that highlight people and stories. In collaboration with the brand design firm Hornall Anderson, Schema designed and created the software for the immersive Briefing Room media installation, where visitors to the Center begin their experience. The Briefing Room consists of a large touch table that visitors can interact with to display dynamic content on a 30-foot, curved projection wall.

Airbus Experience Center Briefing Room Installation

The control table allows visitors to select stories on a 3D globe

Upon selection, a filmstrip of tiles controls the projection display

The projection surface displays dynamic tiles that tell Airbus Group stories

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The projection wall starts out by displaying a large, panning view of the Earth. The table starts out with a 3D rendering of the globe from which visitors can select specific stories tied to locations around the world. As visitors interact with the table, tiles appear and float above the Earth in the background. The content mix consists of images, videos and data visualizations. The Schema team worked closely with Hornall Anderson throughout all phases of the project, from conceptualizing the installation and creating initial concept prototypes, to designing, building and testing the software platform.

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Schematic designs for the control table
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Schematic designs for the projection surface
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The Airbus Experience Center is a story about people—the people at Airbus working on innovations like the Rosetta spacecraft and the Perlan II glider, and the people these innovations have a positive impact on, such as creating American jobs in Mississippi and Alabama through the production of U.S. Army helicopters and A320 aircraft. Briefing Room is the first interactive touch-point in the visitor experience, setting the stage by highlighting Airbus’ global reach and the personal stories that drive the company forward.

In addition to Schema, consultants on the project included the Glover Park Group (Creative Consultants), Hornall Anderson (Experience Designers), VOA Architecture Associates (Architects), rand* construction (General Contractor), JLL (Project Management), Avidex Industries, LLC (Audiovisual Integrators), Xbitz, Inc. (Custom Exhibit Fabrication), and Leviathan (Custom Content Design and Coding).