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GE Digital Twin Simulation


Digital Twin is an innovative technology pioneered by GE for the Industrial Internet. The idea involves building a digital model of machines, allowing for real-time monitoring and enabling entirely new business and service scenarios. Humans, too, will have digital twins, in order to create better health outcomes. GE turned to Schema to create an interactive simulation that conveys the concept of digital twin and lets people explore how the technology can create a better future for us all.

GE Digital Twin Simulation
Clean Energy Scenario
Efficient Travel Scenario
Peak Health Scenario


The simulation focuses on three key areas: Clean energy, efficient travel, and peak health. Clean energy uses the scenario of a wind turbine, efficient travel uses jet engines, while peak health uses the example of wireless sensors for continuous patient monitoring. Through regular meetings with the GE team, we determined the objectives of each of the scenarios while keeping them grounded in the real-world.


For clean energy, the objective is to keep the city lights on by keeping as many windmills running as you can. For efficient travel, the objective is to fly as many miles as possible without getting your plane grounded for unplanned maintenance. For peak health, the objective is to achieve positive health outcomes by selecting from a set of daily activities. Through these three scenarios, people can experience the direct impact of Digital Twin technology, and how GE is leading the way in the Industrial Internet and positively affecting the lives of people all over the world. View the simulation.


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