Surveying the Landscape of Security

Pendulum AI Information Landscape

Project Brief

Pendulum AI is a technology firm focused on providing intelligence and security insights to large organizations. Pendulum ingests massive amounts of audio, video, and text content from social media and other public sources. Advanced AI extracts narratives, relationships, and threats from this data. The goal is to uncover reputational, branding, and security risks before they escalate. The Pendulum team came to Schema to envision an integrated view of their intelligence platform highlighting the competitive landscape and emerging threats. They were interested in creating a unified experience where both content and form complimented each other as a continuous information space. Our solution was an interactive, 3D data visualization expressed as an informational landscape. Each peak represents a major threat, with the height conveying the risk magnitude. Valleys suggest relationships between threats based on AI-extracted narratives. Color, contours, labels, and other elements enhance understanding and highlight priority areas. Users zoom and pan across this information topology in a way that mirrors how we explore a physical space. [It should be noted that the images shown here use dummy content for a fictitious customer.]