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    Schema Design

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    Seattle ARt Collectors

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Discovering Local Art using AR

Discovering Local Art using AR

Project Brief

Schema created an early prototype for the Apple Vision Pro that uses the City of Seattle’s Open Data to learn more about local art and enable users to curate their own galleries. The demo video introduces a landing page to browse 3D scans of artworks, then opens up an immersive render of Isamu Noguchi's Black Sun sculpture (located in Volunteer Park, near Schema’s Seattle office) supported by multiple interactive panes of contextual data and history.

We see this prototype as a proof of concept for discovering local artwork, experiencing pieces at scalable dimensions, and revisiting pieces on demand to forge connections that surpass the visual realm.

Ultimately, this prototype is about enriching our lives in ways that extend far beyond the digital. We hope to inspire others to embark on similar journeys of discovery using new technologies to seek out the beauty and stories hidden within our own communities.