Mapping Media Attention Span

Last year, Schema partnered with Axios, Alberto Cairo, and Google News Initiative to create The Lifespan of News Stories, a project that analyzes the shape of search interest data from the top news stories of 2018. The visualization explores search interest across the United States around various news events, curated by Axios. The stories are aggregated by category, including Politics & Elections, Natural Catastrophes, Environment & Science, Social Issues, Violence & War, and Obituaries. The form and size of the search interest plots depict how public interest unfolds over time.

The Lifespan of News Stories captures what was in the American’s mind during 2018, as well as introducing a different way to explore news stories. Curious readers can spend hours going over the different visualizations in the article and compare the shapes of the events that defined the year. Explore the visualization. The project has been featured on Axios and Flowingdata.