Schema’s Christian Marc Schmidt Co-leads M+ Online Hackathon—City of Objects

August 1-15, Schema founder Christian Marc Schmidt is joining designer Chun-wo Pat to facilitate an online hackathon produced by art museum M+ in Hong Kong. Titled City of Objects, the two-week online design workshop explores the concept of objects—the role they play in everyday life, how they intersect with personal and cultural identities, and how they exist in digital spaces.

In the City of Objects online hackathon, participants will explore the cultural significance of collections in order to redefine and expand the definition of a museum. They will curate exhibitions from everyday objects under the theme of a “personal museum,” considering three different kinds of interactions: objects and the individual, objects and the city, as well as objects and the museum. 

At the end of the workshop, teams will present their final work to a panel of judges, and prizes will be awarded for first place and the runner-up.

This is the first in the ObjectiCity workshop series designed by Christian and Pat. The series will encourage participants to think about objects in relationship to their social contexts in order to spur creative thinking.