The Garden of Health

Adventist Health Media Wall Photo 1

Adventist Health Media Wall

Project Brief

Home to more than 20 hospitals, 250 clinics, and 4,500 care providers, Adventist Health is a non-profit health care organization operating in California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. With its holistic approach to health, Adventist Health's vision is to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of their communities by enhancing interactions and making care more accessible. Adventist Health was developing a new campus experience for their new headquarters in Roseville, CA, and had the opportunity to illustrate and communicate their organization's quality through data. The goal of the project was to illustrate the diversity of the Adventist Health patients, connections and coordination between the organization’s teams, and productivity throughout the system. Additionally, the visualization would be a part of the lobby experience and act as living art, a piece both beautiful and ambient in nature. The end product, The Garden of Health, is a real-time, data-driven artwork showcasing the breadth, diversity, and dynamics of the Adventist Health network and the communities it serves. Throughout the day, the visualization depicts a live snapshot of patient activity across the entire network. Within the garden, new patients are represented as flowers, positioned according to which Adventist community location is serving them. Butterflies move from flower to flower, mimicking Adventist Health caregivers tending to patients in real time. The garden visualization follows a daily rhythm, as does daily activity across the network. The media wall’s color palette changes with the time of day, cycling from hues of early morning light to darker, moonlit tones. The complete digital installation now hangs in the Adventist Health lobby, illustrating both the continuous cycle of patient care within the network and the power of turning data into knowledge through visualization.

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