Analyzing Global Events, in Real-Time

Bloomberg Gadfly

Bloomberg Gadfly is a new fast-commentary platform that tracks global corporate and financial events. The mobile-first website features a clean, paired-down and intuitive interface, incorporating dynamic charts and data visualizations to forefront Gadfly’s rapid, data-driven journalism. The site was designed as a single newsfeed with articles that expand inline, keeping users from having to navigate between multiple pages. Interactive data visualizations are displayed in the page margins as well as in the body of the article.

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Article pages with inline data visualizations


Schema worked with the same talented team responsible for Bloomberg View, Bloomberg’s opinion pages—also designed by Schema. Our process was highly collaborative, consisting of frequent reviews and brainstorms during which we collectively determined the design direction for the site. The focus of the design are the data visualizations, providing the editorial anchor and visual texture for the experience.

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Built for mobile and social, Gadfly is sharply distinguished from other real-time commentary platforms not only through its global reach and insights, but also through the design of the site which highlights the information in a clear and simple way. The visualizations serve both as an entry-point to the article as well as a window into further analysis. Visit the website.