Capturing the Memorable Moments in Your Life



Journalyst is an experimental application for Google Glass that lets you record videos of moments throughout your day. The device prompts you to record a short, 3-second clip whenever you enter a new location. In addition to recording video, you can tag your clip with how you were feeling. Feelings—organized into categories such as Happy, Relaxed and Creative—form the core of the experience. Clips are accessed online in a chronological feed, aggregated by feelings or by location on a map, where they can be shared with others on Facebook or Twitter.

Journalyst lets you record and interpret the memorable moments in your life
The Glass app prompts you to record short clips when you enter a new location
The web interface organizes your clips by date, feeling, and location


This project was guided by a simple question: What if you could go back and relive the memorable moments you experience every day? As participants in Google’s Glass Explorer program, we saw the potential of Glass for capturing personal video clips from a first-person perspective—handsfree and with minimal effort. We initially built various prototypes utilizing SMS and Instagram to understand the texture and affordances of the user experience, before creating a pilot application for the Glass device and a corresponding online service to view the clips.


Journalyst shows the potential for a wearable device like Glass to become a platform that can help you relive and share the moments you experience everyday. Beyond personal memories and feelings, however, the greatest potential may lie in the representation of shared experiences for groups of individuals. The map, for example, could show the distribution of feelings across a geographic area, turning Journalyst into a platform for displaying the sentiments of an entire population. Explore Journalyst.


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