Assessing Economic Health

PEFA Branding: Chart Collection

PEFA Branding and Website

Project Brief

PEFA, a branch of the World Bank, provides a framework for developing nations to assess their economic health and identify areas for improvement. Since 2005, PEFA’s assessments have gone through extensive revisions, translations, and have been implemented in over 75 countries, resulting in nearly 600 total assessments as of 2018. PEFA’s web presence needed to evolve to accommodate the ever-growing assessment dataset and resources for implementation. Schema worked with the PEFA team to understand its current content and challenges, and designed a comprehensive solution for a more streamlined web experience, a unique brand update, and a visual expression of their assessment data. View the site here.

PEFA Website: Assessments 1
PEFA Website: Assessments 2
PEFA Website: Assessments 3
PEFA Website: Assessments 3, Comparison View