The Mobile-First Information Hub



SIGMOBILE was formed in 1996 as part of the Association for Computing Machinery as a leading professional organization for academics, engineers, and scientists involved in mobile technology. Their members publish award-winning papers, host important conferences, and generate ground-breaking research. However, the main website didn’t immediately reflect the organization’s leadership in the field; simultaneously it seemed to speak to only an internal audience. SIGMOBILE approached Schema to help them rethink their website as a  source of information for both members and the public. Additionally Schema partnered with the NYC-based design firm Small Stuff to re-envision SIGMOBILE’s visual identity.

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Schema created a content strategy to front the knowledge-generating activities of SIGMOBILE, with a particular emphasis on timely information (news, deadlines, announcements) and SIGMOBILE-sponsored activities (conference, events). SIGMOBILE also presents several international conferences a year, important gathering places for the mobile tech industry. Each conference creates its own conference website; Schema provided a template that matched the look and feel of the main site so that the larger brand could be extended throughout the family of conferences. Both the main site and the conference sites were designed for mobile-first experience. Additionally Small Stuff worked with SIGMOBILE on creating a more contemporary, streamlined version of the existing identity that would work on the refreshed website.

Original logos (left) and revised logo designed by Small Stuff (right)
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Conference template
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Mobile and tablet view


The redesign of the SIGMOBILE site signals an active, contemporary professional organization host to numerous activities and supportive of the work of its members. The mobile-first design underlines SIGMOBILE’s commitment to best industry practices and helps create a hub of information that can be accessed from any device.